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Selena Gomez is a 18-years old Girl who lives her life in Fame,she's altough a very calm and down-to-earth and cool Girl you'll love to spend time with! Her twitter and facebook account is for fans , to stay connected to em'. But couple of minutes ago her Twitter & Facebook was hacked a annoynym user logged into her account just like knowing her passwort from heaven xD. Selena just stayed calm to logg in, on a private account and see the whole situation, but now her Twitter & Facebook are completley in her own hands :) *WE'RE GLAD*. Her Life isn't easy 'NOW', cause the rumour just came out about selena and justin bieber teenie pop singer , alot of photos where  are both of em.Beliebers screamed and saying on twitter stuff to selena like: Bitch and not very nice words!But Guys please stay connected to me at twitter: @ILoveTheGomez and on Facebook: Simaab Malik! Thanks every Week comes new Stories about the precious selena! :) <3 i hope selena watchess this page it mean really much for me! <3 :D

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